Harmono-T® is an intravenous ultrasound contrast agent comprising uniform lipid-coated gas-filled microbubbles. Harmono-T® enhances ultrasound images improving the diagnostic value. Harmono-T® is activated automatically using the Activation Station, which leaves more time to spend with the patient.


“Uniform bubbles working together in harmony”

Inner workings

Microbubbles with lipid shells are widely used as contrast agents in ultrasound imaging. The key to contrast enhancement is microbubbles with a peak in natural resonance at the diagnostic frequencies used by the ultrasound equipment. The difference in the acoustic response of the resonating microbubbles and the surrounding tissue ensures a higher contrast image. This allows clinicians to obtain functional information related to the perfusion of the patient’s organs as well as the peripheral vasculature.

The size of each microbubble plays a crucial role, since peak resonance is only achieved when the resonance size of the microbubble precisely matches the

operating frequency of the ultrasound equipment. In fact, accurately defined microbubble sizes are necessary to maximise efficiency and obtain more information, which is needed for the further development of ultrasound towards new applications such as focused ultrasound therapy in combination with microbubbles and targeted drug delivery.

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