Solstice Awarded Innovatiekrediet funding by the Dutch government


Enschede, 20th January 2022

Solstice Pharmaceuticals is pleased to announce we have been granted Innovatiekrediet, the investment matching fund of the Dutch government, which is awarded through the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). Using this prestigious investment from the RVO, we will extend our production facilities to bring our innovative platform technology to the broadening markets of therapeutic and diagnostic ultrasound applications.

“Solstice has assembled a team of talented and experienced people to build an innovative platform for our monodisperse ultrasound microbubbles.” Says Wim van Hoeve, Managing director of Solstice Pharmaceuticals. “We are excited to now be taking the next steps in the commercialisation of our proprietary technology and moving towards clinical validation in close collaboration with selected industry and academic partners. This will enable us to make a difference for patients around the world by providing innovative microbubble solutions for both diagnostic and therapeutic treatments.”


We are always interested in exploring new opportunities for collaboration.

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